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MindRec Update!

SGZ has been released - based on the old SoundGen utility, SoundGenZ (SGZ) was rebuilt from the ground up and allows you to create chiptunes using the PCE. Free download, complete with a manual and tutorial.

Several other new PCE efforts are in development and will be revealed/annoinced throughout 2021. Stay tuned.

MindRec was one of the first companies to release a "homebrew" game for the PCEngine (also known as the TG-16 or TurboDuo in the US). This game ("Crash") is availble free of charge from this site (both US and JP compatible versions). You can also view other ongoing projects that are currently under development for the PCE by MindRec.

HELP WANTED! I am currently looking for persons who can assist with the following skills:

  • Graphics Artist -- must be able to work in 9 bit colors (3 each for red, green & blue)
If you are interested in getting your name in lights (literally) on future PCE projects, please use the "Contact Us" link on the left, or send mail to pcedev@mindrec.com and feel free to include a sample of your work, thanks!

1 player puzzle game
currently shipping
1-2 Player Game
1-2 Player Game
Meteor Blaster DX
1 Player Shooter Game
Now Shipping!!
Loop 2
1P Puzzle Game
Orbit v2
Interactive Demo
Meteor Blaster
1 Player Shooter Game
PCE Development Tool
Interactive Demo
Hypernova Blast
1-5 Player Shooter Game
PCE Chiptune tool
MindRec's VAX Collection
Coming Soon

Please note that all of these files are were developed by Mindrec, and downloadable versions are not commercial releases.

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